Lately I’ve Been Thinking

They say a picture is worth a thousand words but this image deserves some words.  In my last blog I wrote this paragraph.

      “Some might wonder how the Wiard family has stayed in business for 180 years since most businesses do not achieve that kind of longevity.  Just how did the Wiard’s pass the business from generation to generation for 7 generations and keep the orchards alive and well?

 In this image you will find a large part of the answer; what you are seeing here is Stella Wiard’s desk (she’s five), the one that she taped together herself and brought into my office.  I had told her that I was going to need quiet time to work on “numbers”.  So she created a desk, got some paper and markers and informed me that she also needed to work on numbers.

  There we sat side by side doing our work, Wiard’s work, we were not growing apples nor pumpkins, we were not making donuts or cider, we were doing numbers.  All was quiet until she looked up at me with the eyes of an angel and said “Rose, sometimes I need to talk when I do numbers.”  Stella is learning, at age 5, what it means to be part of 8th generation of the Wiard family that will someday take over the business.  Who knows, maybe she will even be the one doing the numbers!!!    







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