Lately I’ve Been Thinking


August. August?  August!!  Is it possible that August is here…already?  Yep, it is August.  I know because I find myself thinking about staff for fall, staff for the Country Fair, staff to sort apples, staff to pick pumpkins, staff to drive tractors, to care for the animal farm, to run the store, to make donuts and to press cider; STAFF, without our staff we would be history.  Without our staff it would be “do you remember Wiard’s, they were around for 180 years and then for some reason they disappeared?”  

Sure the farm, the owners, the apple trees, the pumpkin field, the Country Fair, Night Terrors are all important to the operation, but like a water hose without water they would lack the zip, the life, the thrill, the all-around awesomeness that our staff brings to them.  We have an amazing staff that keeps all the wheels turning, simultaneously; an ardent task, well done by an amazing group of men and women.  

Hats off to the Wiard’s Orchards staff, every single one of them!

BTW we have openings if you are interested in becoming a part of something AWESOME!  734-482-7744      FOR PICNIC PLANNING CALL ROSE @ 734-482-7798








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