Lately I’ve Been Thinking

I’ve always tried to go a step past wherever people expected me to end up.  Beverly Sills


The president of Wiard’s Orchards is not Beverly Sills, nor did he write the quote above but, wow, it sounds just like him!  Going a step beyond the expected, making the next best move, seeing the big picture, are all attributes of the president of Wiard’s Orchards and the president before him and the president before him – for seven generations (working on eight) and over 182 years, Wiard’s Orchards has thrived on going just a step beyond what was expected. 

Someone says grow apples, Jay says let’s add some pumpkins, someone says let’s try a haunted barn, he says let’s try a Haunted Thrill Park, someone says let’s get some picnic tables for our customers to sit at and enjoy cider and donuts, he says let’s build a Country Fair, always a step beyond where we are, moving forward to better serve our community.  We have lovely grass at Wiard’s Orchards, BUT we do not let it grow under our feet!  As my daughter says, Forward. Onward. Always.



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