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  • Posted : August 10th, 2018


Hello Friends!

Enjoy the next few weeks of summer!  It is hard to believe that the apple season is right around the corner!  Well, if you worked here at Wiard’s Orchards in Ypsilanti, MI, you would not have a hard time believing it….because we are busy with a capital B.  The entire Wiard’s staff is preparing for the fall season, the opening of Wiard’s Country Fair and you, our guests.  Leon is prepping the pumpkin carts, Mike is working on the hayride trail, Erica is painting everything she sees, Travis is waterproofing the world, Richard and Caleb are multitasking as fast as they can, our office staff is busy booking birthday parties and field trips.  Busyness prevails this month at Wiard’s, for sure.

September 8 is opening day for the 2018 Wiard’s Country Fair and together we will be sure that there are apples for you to pick, the wagons ready for those wagon rides through Valley View Western Town, yummy donuts and amazing cider are ready for guests to purchase and take home, and all the fun that you have grown to expect from Wiard’s is ready to be had.  We are SO looking forward to serving you, our community, for the 181st year!

So, bye until September – time to quit writing and get back to the busyness!

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