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  • Posted : October 17th, 2019

Pondering some highlights of fall here at Wiard’s Orchards; Cider, Donuts and Caramel Apples; my personal favorite is the caramel apple.  How did these treats that are a perfect mixture of good for you, (the apple) and scrumptious, (the caramel and nuts) come to be anyway?

I did a little reading and it seems the caramel apple started because Don Walker, a sales rep for Kraft Foods, had some leftover Halloween candy to use up.  He had some soft caramels left and decided to melt them and try dipping apples in the melted caramel.  AND oh, my did it work!  Kraft started printing the recipe for caramel apples on the bags of individually wrapped caramels soon and caramel apples were off and running.

I so remember unwrapping the entire bag of those little caramels one at a time so that my siblings and I could melt them in a double boiler (is that still a thing?) and twirl our apples in them.  Mom would only buy those caramels once per year for us.  If we were lucky, very lucky, we might get enough in our Trick or Treat bags (by combining our four bags) to melt them and enjoy caramel apples one additional time.  We didn’t have the cool little stick to put into the apple so we stuck the apple on a butter knife and twirled away!  I guess you might say this was the first of my personal fall traditions.

Fast forward a day or two, or a year or two or maybe even a decade or two (I’ll never tell) and my favorite fall tradition is still the caramel apple.  For some it is the apples, others love carving the pumpkins, for some it the donuts, many enjoy the fresh cider or the hot cider, but for me, my heart goes home with the scrumptious hand dipped, signature caramel apples that our staff makes here at Wiard’s Orchards.  So Good!

Come on out this weekend and see for yourself!

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