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  • Posted : October 23rd, 2020
183 years and counting!  That’s us, Wiard’s Orchards in Ypsilanti, we have been serving the community for 183 years and are going strong.  Wiard’s is one of the oldest businesses in Michigan, one of very few in the US continuously owned and operated by the same family for 183 years.  What does this mean for YOU?  It means that we know how to serve families!
Wiard’s is a great place for you and your family members, of all ages, to spend some time together even during these COVID 19 days.  Wiard’s Country Fair is a large, outdoor, venue with a variety of activities; something for everyone to enjoy.  We are social distancing and we are wearing our masks.  Our sanitation team is constantly moving around the farm to keep things clean and sanitized for you.
Wiard’s Orchards offers fun filled Country Fair days and fright filled Night Terror evenings for our guests.  Buy your tickets online from this website, grab that sweatshirt and come on over. We’ll keep the light on! 
Come on out, take advantage of our experience.  We are open through October 31 for the Wiard’s Country Fair. 

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