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Wiard's Cider Mill and Apple Orchard was founded in Michigan by George Wiard in 1837. Visitors can enjoy u-pick apples, u-pick pumpkin patch, drink delicious cider, roam through a corn maze, climb on a hayride, or reserve a field trip, Wiard’s is the orchard for you. Wiard's is one of the most popular things to do in the Ann Arbor area – we are located in Ypsilanti Township, Washtenaw County, Michigan outside Metro Detroit.

Wiard’s Country Fair agri-entertainment park is fun for all: orchards, cider mill, u-pick apples, corn maze, u-pick pumpkin patch, apple cannon, giant inflatables, Old West hayrides, petting farm, miniature golf, Straw Mountain, Haunted Barn, multiple children’s play areas, hot food and much more.

Visit our Country Store and Bakery featuring Michigan cider mill, donuts, fresh baked pies, jams, jellies, honey and apple salsas.

Wiard’s “Night Terrors,” the premier Haunted thrill park in Michigan, featuring 6 attractions for one low admission: the Haunted Barn, The Asylum, Splattertown, The Mindshaft, Hayrides of the Lost, and Alien Caged Clowns.

Wiard’s host corporate picnics, field trips, birthday parties, and family reunions.

Seven generations of the Wiard family have served Metro Detroit for over 182 years. Today the apple orchard and cider
mill near Ann Arbor covers nearly 100 acres, with many diversified operations. These include the Cider Mill, Country Store,
u-pick apples and u-pick pumpkin patch, Country Fair, Corn Maze, Field trips, corporate picnics, school trips, birthday parties, evening hayrides and Night Terrors. The greatest value and maximum scare in haunted house entertainment is in the month of October. Call (734) 390-9211 for additional details.


Wiard's Cider Mill and Apple Orchard was founded in Michigan by George Wiard in 1837. The u-pick apple orchard and cider mill was originally located on Wiard Road near what is now known as Willow Run Airport. In those early years, the Wiards operated an apple orchard, cider mill, vinegar mill and vineyards. In the 1940's, during World War II, the construction of the bomber plant at Willow Run forced the orchard and cider mill to be moved to our current location in Ypsilanti Township, Washtenaw County, Michigan.

The 1950's brought about the addition of a farm market at Wiards, which was remodeled in the 1960's into our current Country Store and Bakery featuring old-fashioned goodies and delicious cider mill Michigan donuts and pies. Also at that time, our current cider mill was constructed and pumpkin fields were added to our orchard and farming operations.

In the 1980's, at the forefront of the orchard and cider mill industry, Wiard's introduced their Country Fair agri-entertainment complex, including a giant slide, Old West hayrides, corn maze, petting farm, face painting, moonwalk, u-pick pumpkin fields, Straw Stack, Haunted Barn, multiple children's play areas, hot food and more. This complex was a natural launch pad for Wiard's Company Picnics and the addition of a sports facility, complete with a softball diamond, basketball court and horseshoe pits.

2000-2012, brought the expansion of Country Fair and corporate picnic facilities with the addition of new restrooms, two large picnic pavilions, Wiard Miniature Golf, new hayride trails and expanded the orchards to over 5000 apple trees. We also completed "Night Terrors," the largest haunted thrill park in Michigan. Night Terrors features the Haunted Barn, The Asylum, The Labyrinth, The Mindshaft, Hayride of the Lost and Alien Caged Clowns.

In 2006, Wiard’s Orchard sold part of their property to Washtenaw County Parks in order to allow the county to expand Rolling Hills Water Park. The land sale lead to a complete redesign and rebuild of the Country Fair on the north side of Merritt Road in 2007. Although it was a lot of time and work, the newly constructed Country Fair was met with excitement and positive feedback by attendees both new and returning. Visitors were now able to do all the activities they loved during the Country Fair, shop in the Country Store, pick apples & pumpkins and also visit Night Terrors thrill park all from the same central location!

2014 was another year of fun new attractions and updates at Wiard’s both for day time attendees and night time attendees. The Country Fair opened the new Valley View Mountain Slide to entertain kids and adults. The Night Terrors Thrill Park made a significant change as well. They tore down the Labryinth night maze and replaced it with Splattertown paintball. Splattertown allows guests the fun of regular paintball with the thrills of playing it in the dark and targeting our monsters.

2016 Wiard's Haunted Hayrides, one of the 6 attractions at Wiard's Night Terrors  was named the #6 hayride in the US and the entire thrill park, Night Terrors - Michigan's Premier Haunted Thrill Park was named in the top 10 Scream Parks in the US by the leading magazine in the industry, Hauntworld.

2017 was a year of remodeling; The Country Store was remodeled and the manor was added to the hayride trail.

2018 Promises some new and exciting activities at Wiard's Orchards daytime and nighttime.

Striving to meet the needs of our customers, many changes and improvements have been made by seven generations of the Wiard family. Today, there are 3 generations of the Wiard family actively working in the operation with the 8th generation in tow; eating apples, visiting with staff and enjoying the farm. Currently the apple orchard and cider mill cover nearly 100 acres with many diversified operations, including the Cider Mill, Country Store, u-pick apples and pumpkins, Country Fair, corn maze, field trips, company picnics, school trips, birthday parties, evening hayrides, Night Terrors and much more!

  • Wiard's provided apples and cider vinegar for the Union troops during the Civil War.
  • Wiard's relatives in New York made cannons for the Union troops during the Civil War.
  • The ice cream cone was invented in 1904 - 67 years after Wiard's was founded!
  • Over the years Wiard's has made more than 3 million gallons of cider.
  • Wiard's has grown over 7 million apples since 1837 - laid side by side that's enough to circle the globe almost two times!
  • The seventh generation of the Wiard family is currently involved in running the farm.
  • Wiard's was the very first orchard in the United States to add a haunted attraction to our entertainment offerings.
  • Famous companies started in 1837 the same year as Wiard's! John Deere, Tiffany & Co., Proctor and Gamble, Hermes, Wayne School Bus Co.
  • The land for Wiard's Orchards was purchased the same year (1837) that Chicago became a city.
  • Wiard's was founded in 1837. We have now been serving our community for over 180 years!
  • In a calendar year, Wiard's provides part-time employment for over 300 people in our community.
  • Since Wiard's started making donuts in 1964, we have made over 15,625,600 donuts. Laid end to end, that's enough donuts to stretch from Wiard's to Walt Disney World!
  • Wiard's was founded 86 years before television was invented by John Baird in 1923.
  • In 1837, when Wiard's was founded, Martin Van Buren was president—there have been 36 presidents elected since!
  • Wiard's was founded the same year that Michigan became a state, 1837.
  • News & Updates

    Lately I’ve Been Thinking


    Those who follow this blog know that I ponder a lot of “stuff”; this week I have been pondering the ripple effect that our managers here at Wiard’s Orchards have on the staff and the ripple effect from the staff to our customers. This train of thought led me to thinking about Wiard’s Orchards and what affect the ripple effect has had on our community; now, the question is which path to take…or is it all one path?  I think I will go with that- it’s all one path. 

    That would mean that if the morning managers greet the donut crew with a warm welcome and a smile, the donut crew is more likely to meet the customers looking for warm donuts with a warm welcome and a smile.  AND that if the orchard manager meets the U Pick apple and U Pick pumpkin staff with a smile any customers coming to enjoy the Country Fair and pick apples, or pumpkins is more likely to be met with pleasant vibes. 

    We sometimes tell the young people who work here at Wiard’s Orchards that half of their pay is for their smiles, because, we do believe that the good vibes resonate into our customers and into our community.  We love the community that we serve and want to purposefully make a positive difference in the lives of those we touch. 

    September will be here soon, and the Country Store and Country Fair will be open; come on in, share a smile and a kind word, join us in sending out those positive ripples! 

    “The idea that everything is purposeful really changes the way you live. To think that everything that you do has a ripple effect, that every word that you speak, every action that you make affects other people and the planet.”  Victoria Moran 

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