Fun Facts About Wiard's

Wiard’s Fun Facts

  • You are welcome to visit our store and cider mill for free – there is an admission charge if you choose to enter the Country Fair – Parking is always FREE!
  • Some people think God created Wiard’s Orchards and Pumpkin Farm right after he created the garden of Eden, but Wiard’s has only been around for 184 years.
  • Wiard’s provided apples and cider vinegar for the Union troops during the Civil War.
  • Wiard’s relatives in New York made cannons for the Union troops during the Civil War.
  • The ice cream cone was invented in 1904 – 67 years after Wiard’s was founded!
  • Over the years Wiard’s has made more than 3 million gallons of cider.
  • Wiard’s has grown over 7 million apples since 1837 – laid side by side that’s enough to circle the globe almost two times!
  • The seventh generation of the Wiard family is currently involved in running the farm.
  • Wiard’s was the very first orchard in the United States to add a haunted attraction to our entertainment offerings.
  • Famous companies started in 1837 the same year as Wiard’s! John Deere, Tiffany & Co., Proctor and Gamble, Hermes, Wayne School Bus Co.
  • The land for Wiard’s Orchards was purchased the same year (1837) that Chicago became a city.
  • Wiard’s was founded in 1837. We have now been serving our community for over 184 years!
  • In a calendar year, Wiard’s provides part-time employment for over 300 people in our community.
  • Since Wiard’s started making donuts in 1964, we have made over 15,665,600 donuts. Laid end to end, that’s enough donuts to stretch from Wiard’s to Walt Disney World and beyond!
  • Wiard’s was founded 86 years before television was invented by John Baird in 1923.
  • In 1837, when Wiard’s was founded, Martin Van Buren was president—there have been 36 presidents elected since!
  • Wiard’s was founded the same year that Michigan became a state, 1837.

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